What makes Reels Media different?

Reels Media has the experience to create the most high-quality professional film production for your company.  Reels Media has worked with prestigious companies such as Hampton Inn to produce marketing and advertising solutions through video.  With high-grade editing software and a “shoot to edit” philosophy, Reels Media always yields first-rate productions and satisfied clients.

Who owns and manages Reels Media?

Reels Media is owned and managed by Nathan Suher.  Mr. Suher is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communications.  He has worked on productions for NBC, ABC, MTV, and A&E and his work has won several awards.  He is well-known for his production expertise and high-quality films.

What kinds of corporate projects will Reels Media take on?

Reels Media specializes in commercials, documentaries, marketing/ad films, corporate training and recruitment videos, testimonials, 360° virtual tours, educational videos, Public Service Announcements, and creative films like book/film trailers and music videos.  We can also film and produce video for seminars, corporate conferences, and special events.

Does Reels Media handle post-production work?

Yes, Reels Media handles editing and post-production work.  We use the most advanced technology to produce a truly cinematic look in our films, providing the highest-quality video marketing pieces for your company.

Does Reels Media develop the ideas for films as well as produce?

Yes, because we have an extensive network of resources, we can bring in creative minds to work on idea and plot development, as well as any additional services for your film project.

Has Reels Media won any awards?

Yes, Reels Media won Grand Prize for its PSA for Education Exchange, as well as Best Writing, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Voiceover from 7DAYPSA.  Reels Media also won 2012 Wootube Video of the Year for his music video for American Dreamers’ song “Precious Times.”